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Key To Global Sourcing


Fonssino operates as an extension of our client procurement team, providing on the ground strategic sourcing and supply chain skilled resources to leverage lower cost supply markets and manage supply risk without a significant investment in fixed cost infrastructure and capability

Services incorporate all activities related to supplier selection, including:

  • Supply market & supplier identification

  • Supplier engagement strategies, benefit & risk analysis

  • Conduct formal RFx processes, negotiate terms

  • Conduct supplier site inspections

  • Facilitate trial orders

  • Design cost effective, low risk extended supply chains

Supply Base Management

Manage product flow & ongoing supplier relationships. Activities include:

  • Order coordination, production oversight

  • Production planning, scheduling & monitoring 

  • Quality management e.g. inspections & certifications

  • Logistics & transaction management e.g transport & shipping

  • Supplier development & improvement program

  • Provide warehousing, pick&pack and distribution services

Resource Augmentation

Predictable & unpredictable factors create staffing challenges. Fonssino can assist in providing short-term on-site resources:

  • Procurement professionals to address issues on demand

  • Business resource continuity during seasonal or one off events

  • Variable cost-effective options and domain knowledge

  • Assistance to optimize performance and drive bottom line results

Fonssino has different commercial models clients can use dependent on internal budgets and delivery requirements

Project Base

  • Delivery of discrete phases of the ‘Sourcing’ process

  • Completion of specific activities within the ‘Sourcing’ or ‘Supply Chain Management’ steps as per client request

  • Consulting support for  the implementation of a  client’s supply chain transition program

Managed Service

  • Dedicated resources to conduct the ‘Sourcing’ and/or ‘Supply Chain Management’ steps on the client’s behalf

Transaction Base

  • Management and/or delivery of order transactions to best integrate with a client’s existing supply chain management processes


Fortune 100 Glass Manufacturer

Fonssino built and operate a 2000sqm facility to produce packaging materials for the customer manufacturing plants in Asia




Fonssino was established in 2007 to support our clients seeking to capture benefits from sourcing globally, primarily China and other Asian countries, but also including Latin America and Eastern Europe.

While many organisations buy from global sources, this is frequently done through trading companies and other intermediaries with clients having limited skills and resources to go direct to sources of supply. Our global sourcing services are designed to get clients closer to the actual source of supply especially in low-cost countries (LCCS), providing clients the ability to effectively select and manage these suppliers to reduce their cost and supply risk., achieved through the deployment of our capabilities that include:

  • Access to leading edge supply market knowledge through our team of deep subject matter experts in China and other low cost countries sourcing

  • Access to strategic sourcing capability close to potential suppliers where our multilingual team can conduct a robust sourcing process that aligns with client’s processes to drive benefits

  • Access to our extensive supply chain management skills, including logistics planning and management, quality management and supplier relationship management

We are not a trading business. Where requested we ‘pull’ product into the market based on specific client orders & requests, not ‘push’ product into the market to sell at the lowest cost. We provide bespoke, flexible solutions for our clients which can incorporate elements of both project-based services and managed services, depending on the desired needs.

Whatever your challenge, speak to one of our team today to find out how we can help.





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +86 (0) 21 6375 9229 ext 818 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

Unit 1205 Central Plaza

227 North Huang Pi Road

Shanghai 200003


Warehousing & Distribution Centre

Jincaifu Building, Dichong

Gaobu Town


Guangdong 523273



To apply for a job with Fonssino, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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